I am a computer programmer and musician currently living in Brighton, UK. I have been working professionally as a programmer since 2011 after finishing at the University Of Sussex. I have been involved in a range of applications for a number of blue chip clients with the company LEO Learning, and also work on a freelance basis.
I have been playing drums and creating music since the age of 9, much to the annoyance of my neighbours.


I work as a developer on range of multi platform, multi device applications. I have excellent knowledge of iOS/C++/Java/Actionscript/Air/Flex/Flash/HTML/CSS/Javascript/PHP, and also help to design automated build processes using Jenkins/ANT. I have great experience in working on large scale projects as part of an Aglie/Scrum team, and a solid understanding of the git workflow.

I am also very interested in audio/game programming and in my spare time tinker around with Juce, Open Frameworks, Processing and DSP programming languages such as SuperCollider and MaxMSP. I have created a number of audio applications that explore generative AI programming concepts, and continue to experiment with innovative human/computer musical collaboration.

Most of my personal programming time is spent developing Retrigger, a live midi re-routing application.
I also have a few public repositories on my Github here.


I have been drumming for 20 years, and played in a whole range of musical outfits from wind orchestras to punk rock, and of course.. nu-metal. I have also produced electronic music since the age of 12, and continue to do so through a mixture of different aliases. I am available for session work, so please get in touch.

Current and previous musical outlets:

Compiler Love Among The Mannequins Ski Sunday Crowns On The Rats Orchestra

Also help out in:

Chalk The Lunchtime Sardine Club


Please get in touch using the following details, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.